Lifestyle Modification #13

A lesson from the story of Joseph.

Don’t get mad at your haters. Most often than not, those who throw stones, throw rocks, and cast shade usher in some of your greatest blessings!

Do you remember what happened to Joseph? When his jealous brothers cast him into the pit, they did not realize their actions would set in motion a series of unfortunate events and maybe they did not care. Either way, their plot to kill their brother eventually blessed their brother.

Joseph may have felt like he was experiencing the worst day of his life when in return it was the best day of his life. A series of afflictions beginning with his brothers, slavery, and an accuser, finally led Joseph to becoming the man next to the man-Pharaoh! All that Joseph received from Pharaoh did not come without a price, but when God is for you who can be against you?

Joseph was endowed with favor from on high! God favored Joseph and his earthly father favored him! How great is that. Joseph never complained about his brothers, he did not cry when they took his favorite coat, and he did not rebuke his accuser who screamed rape.

One thing I admire about Joseph is his courage to use the gift God gave him and he did not let any of life’s obstacles prevent him from operating in his calling to interpret dreams. Not once did he tell the Butler, the Baker, nor Pharaoh I can’t because I don’t like the way this all started. Joseph used what was in him and he always when asked to interpret a dream acknowledged it was God and not him!

Tests and trials will come, but know that you know that you know, when God has set you on a path to greatness and prosperity, there is nothing that can stop you! Amen.

Scriptural Reading: Genesis 37-42