Lifestyle Modification #23

Do you have good sense? Proverbs 16:22

Growing up, I would often hear others make the remark, “you act like you don’t have good sense!” Well even though that observation sounds harsh, it is actually worth making. Sometimes we have to call it like we see it, especially in today’s climate.

If you look around, you may notice the latest social media challenges that seem to be luring others “acting like they don’t have good sense” into a world of self-destruction.

However, there is hope. Verse 17 of Proverbs 16 reminds us that to depart from evil is to preserve the soul. The soul is where our feelings and emotions are housed.

If you are experiencing unbecoming emotions, check your prior actions. Have you been indulging in evil? Have you been doing those things that are not normally ‘you’? Have you strayed away from the God of all gods; the only wise God who is able to save your soul?

I implore you to acknowledge Jesus as God, believe he came to save you from your sins, and accept him as your Lord and Savior.

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