Lifestyle Modification #22

Stay Connected.

Stay Connected

The LORD thy God is an everlasting Life Source. In him all things consist.

When Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, the LORD asked, “Adam where art thou?” Genesis 3:9 KJV implies they were disconnected from the one True Vine, their Life Source.

Had Adam and his wife Eve not eaten the fruit from the forbidden tree, they could have enjoyed living in the Garden of Eden, a place where God provided everything they needed for eternity.

Once they became disconnected, they were “kicked” out of the Garden, disconnected, lost and left to provide for themselves.

I encourage you not to disconnect yourself from your Life Source, God! And, if you find yourself out-of-place, say out loud, “Speak to my heart LORD, show me thine way, for you are my Life Source, Amen.”

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